Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Babette & Coquette Lime Crime Lipsticks Leave Lips Drenched with Pigment

Only my browser history would tell you how many times I've been on Lime Crimes website to drool, look, at their lipsticks. Throughout all of their sales and rave reviews of rich pigmented items, I couldn't bring myself to buy these magical items. Maybe I'm more of the, must see in person type.

        So about a month ago, I had the lucky chance to attend IMATS LA 2014. I was beyond happy cause I had been dreaming about going for the past 3 years, but sadly, missed out until this year. :) My first, absolute, have to go there, booth was Lime Crime.

THANK GOD  I was one of the first 100 in line, so I could run to the Lime Crime booth. I knew that I wanted a nude and a pink lipstick for them. Eventually I decided on Babette and Coquette, due to the immense popularity of these two.

Babette to me is a bright milky pink. 

Honestly, I love the color in the tube and swatched. But on my light skin in the middle of February, I am not a fan. Personally, I think once I get darker come summer, this will look beautiful on tanner skin tones. 

Now Coquette, I am head of heels for! For me it is the PUURRRfect nude! 

Oppisite to Babette, I was scared of this color in the tube! It was a cool toned brown that I always stray away from in fear of the brown butt-hole effect some of those colors can give. But once this little gem hit my lips, I kicked myself for not trying it sooner. 

To me, this is the perfect tan nude that doesn't blank my lips out completely and still gives them depth. 
Top: Babette, Coquette
Now the finish of this lipstick to me is a semi-matte. It has a little gloss within the first hour of wear, then dries down matte. I personally find this formula to be drying over time and emphasize dry patches. (Which sucks because my lips are CONSTANTLY dry). Since they are so pigmented, they will emphasize every uneven, bump, crack, dip, and hill you may have on your lips. I did not experience any feathering with and without lip liner. I find that These leave a beautiful stain after 4-5 hours of wear that I can pop some lip balm over to prevent the painful cracking. 

All in all, these rank as a C+ on my scale. They are beautiful colors available in the range, but even the $18 (plus shipping) is not worth it to me. 


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