Saturday, May 24, 2014

MAC Proenza Schouler Blush Ombre in Sunset Beach & Ocean City

Slowly, I am learning that I am what they call a "Blush Whore". Whenever I find a new collection or brand I HAVE to check out the blushes. The Proenza Schouler collection from MAC really caught my eye because they had an ombre effect. I've seen everything from sheens to glittery overspray but never ombre, so of course I had to pick them up. Plus they are limited edition so I couldn't pass them up.

The packaging is a pretty ombre effect of green to purple. I really prefer when MAC does there special packaging just because it really makes it distinct from the permanent line.
The first blush I got is Ocean city. It was my first choice just because it was is an orange and I tend to shy away from it. 

The ombre effect is done beautifully in it and there isn't a stark line between the colors. The pigmentation is good between both of the blushes. Not amazing but good enough that I don't have to scratch it. If I put my brush in sideways I get the goodness of the deep almost burnt orange but I also get somewhat of a highlight shade.

The other blush is called Sunset Beach. Just hearing the name made me think of the purples and pinks that happen at the beach and better yet, a sunset is filled with ombre colors.

For me this is an essential pink blush because I can control the shade of pink I get rather than having an orange and a highlight. I found this to be slightly less pigmented then Ocean City but it wasn't substantial.
Ocean City
Sunset Beach
Anybody else pick these up?

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