Sunday, December 8, 2013

Mission: Get through the Holidays with some Glamorous Bobbi Brown: 6 pan pallet Review

As the holiday season (finally) comes around, the more glamorous I want my makeup to be. But at the same time I also want it to be flawless. I know many photos are going to be taken and family will be seen asking "why this" and "why that" so a bright smile and a pumped up version of my makeup always helps. :) This year I discovered that Bobbi Brown wants to help me with my mission.

Recently I caved on my ache for a Bobbi Brown pallet. I told myself that if I got a 6 pan pallet, then I can use it for travel as my all in one. (In reality, it was probably just my excuse to get more Bobbi Brown stuff) Since I have an event coming up for New Years eve I wanted to customize this pallet specifically for it.
The pallet is sleek and opens and closes without a hitch. The eyeshadows are securely fashioned in there that it actually takes effort to pop them out. 

Now I had some restrain and didn't fill all 6 pans. I wanted a couple neutral shadows that I can create a base look for, and I can never fail with browns. Then came in my want for sparkles... When I think glamour, I think shiny, perfection, and sparkly. So I got one of her sparkle eyeshadows and one of her shimmer blushes. Now I know many people are afraid to wear sparkle, but for the holidays its hard to go wrong. 
The first shadow I got is a deep mat brown called Rich Brown. This shade is greatly pigmented that really makes my blue eyes pop.
The next shade I got was mat orangey brown called Camel. This color is really the color of puke. Like it seriously is. Hahaha, I guess I just yearn to have shadows that look like barf on my lids. Seriously, its a great crease color.
Ok take a moment to absorb this beautiful sparkly goodness. I mean, to me it screams GLAMOROUS! Its a light gold, that yes, is completely composed of sparkles. This shade is called Sunlight. The only pigmentation that comes off with this shadow is in the gold sparkles. No base layer, just pure sparkles. 
The last pan I got was a shimmer blush called Flame. It is seriously dangerous if a light hand isn't used. But it is SO worth it! Its a deep pinkish red with gold sparkles in it. It creates a satin sheen with a nice golden glow. Ugh, I want to just stare at it all day.
Flame, Sunlight, Camel, Rich Brown
These swatches do not do these colors justice. I did barley touch my finger to them and they were incredibly pigmented. I was expecting the sparkle shadow to be just sparkles and was what I wanted. They shadows blend nicely and last all day on me with or without primer. When using the Sunlight, you have to be a little careful of fallout, but it leaves the perfect sparkle when layered of a shadow or in the corner of the eye. Flame is a daunting creature of a blush. It is so bright and pigmented, that a light hand or a duo fiber brush is needed. But once you get the hang of it, you'll be reaching for it all day.

Overall I am extremely happy with my pallet picks for my holiday events or everyday use. Now to add onto it...


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