Sunday, December 1, 2013

YSL Golden Gloss in #4 Golden Fuchsia Welcomes in the Holiday Season with Sparkles!

I've been longing for these cold nights, christmas movies, and hot coco times. I enjoy writing these blog post even more now that I get to be cuddled up in a big fuzzy blanket.
           So I am normally not a lipgloss kind of girl. My lipgloss collection consists of maybe 3 or 4 sample sized random brands that I got with a palette. The color payoff mixed with the longevity is just not what I'm looking for. I enjoy my full coverage, matte, bright lipsticks. But when I saw YSL's golden gloss collection, the glitter fiend in me couldn't hold back. Plus the Sephora VIB sale gave me the extra little push.

I picked up the Fuchsia color because I figured I could layer it over one of my bright lipsticks. 

Sephora describes this gloss as A high shine lip gloss with real 24-carat-gold flecks.
It is meant to form a mirror-effect on the lips with sparkling gold mother-of-pearl. Now I will give this gloss props for its pigmentation. The other colors that I swatched in the store had comparable pigmentation. The glitter within the gloss isn't grainy or bumpy, it goes on smoothly every time. Their color range is quite big, with over 15 glosses that range from a clear sparkle, to a deep burgundy. 
I personally fell in love with this gloss. It gave my lips color and nourished them at the same time. I really loved the effect that the gold flecks gave, even over my bare lips. I prefer the gloss over a lipstick compared to my bare lips just because it gave the lipstick more depth. I have been stalking a few more shades that I am trying to hold off on til after the holidays. 

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